Good Citizen Award Given to Hudson Family

The Hudson family, targets of a lawsuit alleging a non-existent pile of chicken manure on their Berlin-area farm polluted waterways, received the Citizenship Award...
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Chicken Manure Lawsuit a Teachable Moment for UMD Law School

The sad saga of the Hudson Family farm continues...
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Judge: Waterkeepers don't have to pay legal fees in chicken waste case

A U.S. District Court judge denied a motion by Perdue Farms and an Eastern Shore family to recoup attorney’s fees following a case brought by local environmental activists...
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Judge Denies Legal Fees in Poultry Pollution Suit

A federal judge denied a bid by poultry producer Perdue and an Eastern Shore farmer to make the Waterkeeper Alliance pay more than $3 million in attorneys' fees
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Judge Holds Off Decision On Hudson Farm Legal Expenses

A federal judge this week heard testimony but offered no decision in an attempt by the successful defendants in a civil suit filed against a Berlin farm family and Perdue over alleged pollution violations to recoup roughly $3 million in legal fees from their opponents...
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Haddon to step down as UM law dean

University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law Dean Phoebe A. Haddon has decided to step down next year to concentrate more on fundraising and writing a book...
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Law clinic forms to help Md. farmers

Following the lawsuit that brought national attention to Maryland farmers, a group of academics is working to find out what legal resources the stewards of Maryland's largest industry may want...
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Poultry industry seeks inside scoop on state council

Delmarva Poultry Industry is working to learn as much as it can about an environmental advisory council within the Maryland Attorney General’s Office...
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Poultry association looking for connections between attorney general, environmental groups

Delmarva Poultry Industry Inc., a non-profit trade association, filed a public records request last month with Attorney General Doug Gansler’s office to learn the role of Gansler’s Environmental Advisory Council and its relationship with the University of Maryland Environmental Law Clinic...
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ACT severs ties with Law Clinic in PIA pursuit

The effort by four environmental organizations, represented by the University of Maryland Law School’s Environmental Law Clinic, to obtain agricultural nutrient management plans from the Maryland Department of the Environment, has been called off...
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State-supported farm terrorism

The Maryland legislature voted to make up to $300,000 available to help the Hudson family pay their legal fees...
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Panel urges women in ag to speak up

The 12th annual Women in Agriculture conference began on a somber note as keynote speakers Alan Hudson, Julie DeYoung, Lee Richardson, and James Adkins spoke about reshaping the image of modern agriculture...
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Wounds from suit filed by Waterkeepers to take a while to heal

Complaints are a wake-up call that groups need to return to grass-roots efforts to get message out on this long-ignored source of pollution.
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Baltimore Sun: Eastern Shore farmer, Perdue seek attorneys' fees

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2/7/2013: Urges Court to Award Legal Fees to Hudson Family Following Years of High Cost Litigation Driven by Waterkeeper Alliance

Favorable ruling on legal fees would hold environmental groups accountable for reckless lawsuit against family farmers...
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Hudson Family Farm Nightmare Is Over; Waterkeeper Abandons Lawsuit

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Hudson family reaches out to thank farming community

Alan Hudson, the Worcester County poultry farmer, is trying, on behalf of his wife and two kids, to say thanks...
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Our Say: Lawsuit gives greens a black eye

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Daily Times: Sen. Richard F. Colburn - It's time to act responsibly by ending Hudson lawsuit

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Daily Times: Lawsuit behind them, Hudson family tries to get back to normal

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Eddie Johnson op-ed in the Daily Times

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Star Dem Op-ed: Waterkeeper Alliance a sham

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12/20/2012: Applauds Ruling in Favor of Alan and Kristin Hudson in Clean Water Act Lawsuit

Judge rules that Plaintiff has not shown “by a preponderance of the evidence” that the poultry operation on the Hudson Farm has discharged pollutants...
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Baltimore Sun: Eastern Shore poultry pollution trial winds up

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11/30/2012: Members Support Hudson Family as Closing Arguments Come to a Close

Court’s decision could determine the fate of family farmers in Maryland and across the U.S...
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Our View: Farmers await final ruling

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10/24/2012: statement for close of trial

We believe it’s clear that the Waterkeeper Alliance, the Assateague Coastal Trust and the University of Maryland Environmental Law Clinic did not prove their case...
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Baltimore Sun: Chicken farmer in water pollution suit takes stand

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Daily Times: Without Perdue and poultry, what will drive Delmarva's economy?

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10/8/2012: Applauds Maryland General Assembly for Granting Funds to Protect Maryland Farmers from Future Attacks by Radical Environmentalists applauds the Maryland General Assembly and especially Sen. Richard Colburn for granting funds to protect Maryland farmers...
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Consumer Freedom: Farm Family’s Fate in the Hands of Maryland Federal Court

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Farm Progress: Waterkeeper Alliance Suit Against Farm Family Due In Court Oct. 9

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The Capital: Lawsuit could change chicken farming nationally

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Support for Hudsons Continues to Grow as Trial Driven by Waterkeeper Alliance Approaches on October 9

After a very successful summer of fundraising and advocating for family farms, is looking to continue that momentum as the trial between the Berlin, Md-based Hudson Farm and the New York-based Waterkeeper Alliance approaches on October 9th...
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Worcester County Farm Bureau Fundraiser

Come out on Saturday, October 13th to support one of our local farming families that need help...
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Hudson Farm lawsuit parties do battle over site visit

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Hoober Annual Tractor, Truck Pull To Benefit Hudson Family Farm

On Saturday, August 25 Hoober, Inc. will host a Tractor/Truck Pull at the Chestertown Elks Lodge to benefit the Hudson Family Farm in Berlin, MD...
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Delmarva Daily Times: O'Malley discusses Hudson case in interview

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6/20/2012: Outraged Over ABA Award For “Distinguished Achievement” Given to University of Maryland Environmental Law Clinic members from around the country were outraged upon learning that the University of Maryland Environmental Law Clinic had accepted an award for “distinguished achievement” for their Clean Water Act (CWA) case against Berlin, Md.-based farmers Alan and Kristin Hudson before the case has even gone to trial...
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Tractor pull June 16 to benefit farm families

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Delta Farm Press: Waterkeeper Alliance – don’t ask, just litigate

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Parties unable to reach settlement in Berlin farm lawsuit case

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Trial Delay in Clean Water Act

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley Reiterates Support For Hudson Family Farm...
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Daily Times: Poultry group honors Delmarva growers

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Dorchester County Fundraiser Demonstrates Continuing Support for Hudsons and Farm Families in Battle with Waterkeeper Alliance

A Dorchester County Farmers and Friends fundraiser held on Saturday March 24th for Alan and Kristin Hudson raised over $60,000 to help the Berlin, Md., farm family continue their legal fight against the New York-based Waterkeeper Alliance.
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Judge scolds Waterkeepers for actions in pollution suit

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Cecil County Young Farmers host 6th Annual Sporting Clay Fundraiser

The Cecil County Young Farmers are hosting the 6th Annual Sporting Clay Fundraiser and donating all proceeds to the Hudson Family Fund...
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March 24 fundraiser set to help Hudson family at East New Market Fire Dept

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Daily Times Article: Judge Keeps Hudson Farm Trial in Motion

OCEAN CITY -- A federal judge issued an order critical of some of the arguments marshaled to allege a Berlin farm polluted public waterways, and called some aspects of a lawsuit making those claims "disturbing"...
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American Agriculturist Article: Hats Off to Chesapeake Bay Ag Supporters

If there's one thing that pulls together the agricultural community on the Chesapeake Bay, it's having the livelihood of one of its own being threatened by outsiders...
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Fundraising Dinner to be Held on Saturday, March 24th

A fundraising dinner featuring a live auction and music to benefit Worcester County, Md., chicken and beef growers Alan and Kristin Hudson will be held from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. Saturday, March 24 at the East New Market Fire Department in East New Market, Md....
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Delmarva Farmer Article: Hudson Benefit Nudges $100,000 for Family’s Cause

The message was clear, though it wasn’t printed on any banners or repeated over the loud speaker. Those who attended understood what was at stake...
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Star Democrat Article: Chamber Event Focuses on Importance of Ag Industry

Dorchester farm bureau president urges support of Worcester County farmers facing lawsuit...
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Bull and Oyster Roast to be Held on Friday, February 17th

A bull and oyster roast offering tasty grilled meats and fresh seafood to benefit Worcester County, Md., chicken and beef growers Alan and Kristin Hudson will be held from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Friday, February 17 at the Somerset County Civic Center...
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Fundraising Barbeque to be Held Saturday, February 18th

A barbeque to raise funds for Worcester County, Md., farmers Alan and Kristin Hudson will be held from 3:00 to 8:00 p.m. Saturday, February 18, at the Queen Anne’s County 4-H Park in Centreville, Md...
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Farm bureaus, businesses nationwide support Hudson family in legal battle

Farm bureaus across the country are supporting the Berlin farm family being sued by the New York-based Waterkeeper Alliance...
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Informational Flyer: Fundraiser Queen Anne's County 4-H Park Saturday, February 18th

The Hudson Family of Berlin Maryland are being sued by the New York-based Waterkeeper Alliance. They operate a poultry and beef farm in Worcester County, MD. 100% of funds raised will go to support the Hudson family...
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Hudson Benefit Dinner to be Held Saturday, January 21st at Showell Fire House

A chicken-and-dumpling dinner to benefit Worcester County, Maryland chicken growers Alan and Kristin Hudson will be held at 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Saturday, January 21 at the Showell Fire House in Showell, Maryland.
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1/17/2012: Gains Support from National Organizations as Support Pours in to Fight Misguided Environmental Litigation today announced a host of new supporters from around the country including major businesses Southern States Cooperative and Rabobank International...
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Agriculture takes on factory environmentalism

The Waterkeeper Alliance felt so strongly about the imagined ills of factory farming...
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Ag chief: O'Malley fought lawsuit

Gov. Martin O'Malley pleaded with environmental groups to end a water pollution suit against Berlin farmers before he decided to write a letter expressing his displeasure with the lawsuit...
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12/5/2011: Continues Grassroots Fundraising Effort as Waterkeeper Alliance Prepares for Lavish Fundraiser at Premier Ski Resort

While the Waterkeeper Alliance entertains celebrities at a posh ski resort, the Maryland Farm Bureau will donate proceeds from a fundraising auction...
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Daily Times Article: Governor takes farmer’s side in Waterkeeper lawsuit

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley says he thinks it's an "injustice" and "a misuse of state resources" for the U-Md. student law clinic to aid...
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Hudson Supporters Grow Against Waterkeeper's Legal Assault

Imagine being summoned by a court to defend your farm against charges of water pollution leveled by an environmental group...
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11/3/2011: Adds MidAtlantic Farm Credit, Delaware Farm Bureau, and U.S. Poultry & Egg Association

Nearly 1,000 Supporters Stand Behind Beleaguered Family Farm Under Attack by New York-based Waterkeeper Alliance...
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Do Activists Destory Family Farms?

A mother who had to go back to work to cover legal costs. A dad who never had health issues...
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American Farm Bureau Editorial: Case against small Md. farm could have big impact

Maryland farmers Alan and Kristin Hudson are fighting for their farming lives against a national environmental organization that has sued them...
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Ag’s ‘watershed’ moment, indeed (Editorial)

Rarely, if ever, in the history of this country has agriculture been under such vicious and unrelenting attack...
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Waterkeepers Stomping on a Family Farm

The ongoing Waterkeeper Alliance attack against Alan and Kristin Hudson...
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Time to Rally Around the Hudsons

Farmers have helped one another through tough times for centuries...
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9/22/2011: Announces New Members and Releases Hudson VIDEO adds Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc., Worcester County Farm Bureau and Wicomico County Farm Bureau to growing list of supporters...
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Commentary: Family farm under attack

Rarely does a month go by without a head-scratching announcement of some activist group or another “fighting to protect the environment” by attacking somebody involved in agriculture...
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Farm Groups, Perdue Support MD Farm in Court Suit

Farm groups and Perdue say they are raising money for Eastern Shore farmers in a battle with an environmental group...
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9/15/2011: Launched to Raise Funds for Maryland Family Under Attack by Waterkeepers Alliance

The Wicomico County Young Farmers and Ranchers, the Maryland Farm Bureau, and Perdue today announced the launch of
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Comment from Agriculture Secretary Buddy Hance on the Waterkeeper Lawsuit against Hudson Farm (Berlin, Worcester County)

I agree with Governor Martin O'Malley when he says that restoring the bay and keeping farming...
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O’Malley: Poultry defendants deserve pro bono aid

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley told a group of poultry growers and industry executives that the defendants in the Waterkeeper Alliance...
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Law Students Take On Family Farm

Alan and Kristin Hudson, fourth generation Maryland chicken farmers, want to know why tax-supported law students should be allowed to represent environmental groups...
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