Hudson Family Documentary Completed

Save Farm Families has completed its documentary, Collateral Damage: Farm Families, which reviews the questionable political and academic actions that enabled the New York-based Waterkeeper Alliance to push forward with its lawsuit against the Hudson family, and the continuing threat that environmental extremists pose to family farmers, not just in Maryland but across the nation. We invite you to watch the documentary (above) and let others know about it by sharing this link

Lawsuit Ends in Victory

On December 20, 2012, Judge Nickerson ruled unequivocally in favor of the Hudson family farm putting an end to three years of litigation. To read the full ruling click here.

Save Farm Families News Release

On August 27, 2013, Judge Nickerson denied the motion for attorneys' fees in the Hudson/Waterkeeper lawsuit, noting, "It is most unfortunate that so much time and so many resources were expended on this action that accomplished so little." Read the full ruling here.

Save Farm Families Statement

In November 2011, Governor O'Malley wrote a letter in support of the Hudsons. Read the letter here.

For information on the Waterkeeper Alliance's anti-agriculture agenda, visit

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